Carney & Wehofer Family
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Orange County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROCKMAN, John Jr.  1740Orange County, Virginia I25650
2 COLLINS, Thomas  Abt 1692Orange County, Virginia I24918
3 GARTON, Uria Ezra  Abt 1760Orange County, Virginia I783
4 GARTON (GARTEN), Griffeth  1763Orange County, Virginia I976
5 GARTON (GARTEN), John  27 Oct 1773Orange County, Virginia I23574
6 HAM, Samuel  Abt 1750Orange County, Virginia I24040
7 MARTIN, Amelia  1744Orange County, Virginia I25661
8 WHITE, Ann  Abt 1741Orange County, Virginia I24606
9 WHITE, Cornelius "Conyers"  Abt 1738Orange County, Virginia I24573
10 WHITE, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Orange County, Virginia I24628
11 WHITE, Francis  Abt 1740Orange County, Virginia I24584
12 WHITE, John  Abt 1753Orange County, Virginia I24561
13 WHITE, Joseph  Abt 1743Orange County, Virginia I24617
14 WHITE, Mary  Abt 1723Orange County, Virginia I24539
15 WHITE, Sarah  Orange County, Virginia I24639
16 WHITE, Theodocia  Abt 1726Orange County, Virginia I24550
17 WHITE, Thomas  Abt 1729Orange County, Virginia I24595
18 WISDOM, Ann  1744Orange County, Virginia I24062
19 WISDOM, Betty  1748Orange County, Virginia I24084
20 WISDOM, Catey  1756Orange County, Virginia I24117
21 WISDOM, Clarey (Clara)  Abt 1745Orange County, Virginia I23729
22 WISDOM, Joseph  1752Orange County, Virginia I24106
23 WISDOM, Sally  1758Orange County, Virginia I24140
24 WISDOM, Sarah  1746Orange County, Virginia I24073
25 WISDOM, Susan  Abt 1735Orange County, Virginia I24051
26 WISDOM, Tabitha  1750Orange County, Virginia I24095
27 WISDOM, Thomas  1742Orange County, Virginia I24129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GARTON, Catherine  3 Jan 1748Orange County, Virginia I843
2 GARTON, William  20 Mar 1781Orange County, Virginia I860
3 THRUSTON, Ann (Wilde) (King)  Abt 1700Orange County, Virginia I24339
4 WHITE, John  8 Aug 1787Orange County, Virginia I24528
5 WHITE, Mark  Orange County, Virginia I19773
6 WHITE, Mary  Bef 1746Orange County, Virginia I24539
7 WHITE, Theodocia  1817Orange County, Virginia I24550
8 WISDOM, Elizabeth  Aft 24 Sep 1827Orange County, Virginia I594768117
9 WISDOM, Francis Torrence Sr.  1750Orange County, Virginia I24151
10 WISDOM, John  26 Aug 1762Orange County, Virginia I24018
11 WISDOM, John  Abt 1770Orange County, Virginia I866
12 WISDOM, Nancy Ann  1816Orange County, Virginia I24473


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / WHITE  Abt 1744Orange County, Virginia F11240
2 GARTON (GARTEN) / WISDOM  Jan 1773Orange County, Virginia F10967
3 HAM / WISDOM  18 Jan 1773Orange County, Virginia F10970
4 PHILLIPS / WHITE  1764Orange County, Virginia F9438
5 WHITE / DEARING  Abt 1756Orange County, Virginia F9433
6 WISDOM / UNKNOWN  1708 ?Orange County, Virginia F11058