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Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, Ernest  15 Nov 1907Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29749
2 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, Herman  17 May 1899Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29448
3 HANSEN, Jennie  19 Jan 1890Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30950
4 HASSE, Edna Geneva  23 Jul 1908Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I12224
5 HASSE, Margaruite "Wanda" B.  27 Dec 1905Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29439
6 HASSE, Selma Rachel  3 Feb 1903Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29438
7 KALISCH, Albert Carl  26 May 1883Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762807
8 KALISCH, Gustave Frank Robert  8 Sep 1884Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762808
9 KALISCH, Katherine Helen  13 Apr 1932Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594766108
10 KALISCH, Rudolph Herman William  3 May 1886Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762809
11 KALISCH, William Henry Adolf  10 Jun 1893Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762810
12 KEMNITZ, Glen Harvey  29 May 1949Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23962
13 KEMNITZ, Jean Shirly  28 May 1937Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23873
14 KEMNITZ, Norma Gail  9 Oct 1938Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23895
15 KEMNITZ, Willis Edward  19 Sep 1935Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23940
16 KOLLIN, Helen J.  30 Apr 1921Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I13930
17 MCKAY, Donald Frank  24 May 1916Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30948
18 NEUMANN, Elizabeth  11 Jun 1899Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594761285
19 OLSEN, Pearl Gladys  3 Mar 1908Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762100
20 RISTEAU, Alvina  Apr 1900Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30494
21 RISTEAU, Herbert Theodore  1904Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30495
22 RISTEAU, William Adolph  26 Jul 1897Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30493
23 SCHUELKE, Augusta Adeline  9 Jul 1883Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I14446
24 SCHUELKE, Ida  Apr 1887Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30627
25 SCHUELKE, Louise Emilie  16 Mar 1881Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30361
26 SCHUELKE, Minnie Doratheia  22 Oct 1875Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30359
27 SIEWERT, Norma Marie  1928Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594763533
28 SIEWERT, Reinold "Ray"  28 Jul 1891Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594763522
29 SOMMERFELD, Emma  6 Oct 1887Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762087
30 SOMMERFIELD, Flora I.  19 Nov 1889Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762089
31 SOMMERFIELD, Wanda  9 Aug 1893Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762090
32 SUMMERFIELD, Eussual  6 Oct 1887Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762088
33 WAGNER, Fred  1884Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30628
34 WEHOFER, Arnold Paul   I23796
35 WEHOFER, Audrey Joyce   I23829
36 WEHOFER, Barbara Jean   I23784
37 WEHOFER, Carl Edwin  25 Sep 1961Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29955
38 WEHOFER, Charles Richard   I23807
39 WEHOFER, Diana W   I112681292
40 WEHOFER, Dwight James  4 Jan 1947Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23840
41 WEHOFER, Lois Ann   I11112
42 WEHOFER, Wayne Eugene   I112681295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SOMMERFIELD, Alma  Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762091
2 SOMMERFIELD, Elsie L.  Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, Herman  29 Sep 1900Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29448
2 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, John (Johanne)  1893Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29429
3 ANDERSON, Eva  15 Jan 1882Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30490
4 BETHKE BEDTKE, Gottlieb Jacob  14 Aug 1934Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30488
5 BETHKE BEDTKE, Louisa  26 Feb 1922Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30489
6 DOMKE, Barbara Jean  18 Sep 1938Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30679
7 DOMKE, Bernhard Wilhelm  31 Oct 1952Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30686
8 DOMKE, Paul Nathan  27 Nov 1981Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30747
9 DOMKE, Seighard  31 Oc 1952Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30684
10 DOMKE, Theodore Natton  8 Dec 1929Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30683
11 DOMKE, Wilhelmine Otilie  2 Mar 1970Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30688
12 FUNKE (FUNCK), Christina  8 Dec 1900Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29430
13 GRESCHKE, Marie "Mary" Fredericka  9 Apr 1942Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23095
14 HANSEN, Jennie  10 Nov 1969Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30950
15 HASSE, Amelia P. "Emily"  18 Jul 1948Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30481
16 HASSE, Beatrice Viola  14 Dec 1991Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29443
17 HASSE, Charles "Carl"  22 Dec 1917Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29437
18 HASSE, Edna Geneva  12 May 1997Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I12224
19 HASSE, Edward Frederick  5 Oct 1973Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29444
20 HASSE, Frederick William  8 Oct 1964Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I15557
21 HASSE, Mildred Esther  5 Aug 1994Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29440
22 HASSE, Selma Rachel  3 Sep 1977Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29438
23 KALISCH, "Jake" Jacob  22 Jan 1909Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I15916
24 KALISCH, Albert Carl  16 Apr 1959Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762807
25 KALISCH, Emma A.  16 Oct 1984Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762811
26 KALISCH, Frederick "Fred" William  15 Nov 1938Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594761841
27 KALISCH, Katherine Helen  31 Oct 1989Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594766108
28 KALISCH, Pauline  1 Mar 1943Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29867
29 KALISCH, Rudolph Herman William  Apr 1966Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762809
30 KALISCH, William Henry Adolf  17 May 1986Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762810
31 KEMNITZ, Edna E.  26 Apr 2015Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23862
32 KEMNITZ, Elsie  12 Jul 1985Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I14159
33 KEMNITZ, Marian Alice  23 Dec 2014Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I23907
34 KINDT, August  9 Apr 1909Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762020
35 KLANN, Adeline "Lina"  24 Sep 1948Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30696
36 KLANN, Gottliebe Gertrud  24 Apr 1916Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30701
37 KOLLIN, Helen J.  18 Jan 1995Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I13930
38 KRUEGER, Alwina  11 Dec 1957Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29924
39 KRUEGER, August Frederick Sr.  4 Apr 1937Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29922
40 KRUEGER, Ernestina  6 Apr 1906Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I16668
41 KRUEGER, Frederick  1920Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I13795
42 LIETZOW, Helen E.  26 Sep 1986Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594766106
43 MCKAY, Donald Frank  12 Nov 1990Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30948
44 MCKAY, Edward Peter Thibodeau  11 Jul 1968Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30949
45 MULLER, Louisa  14 Nov 1899Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762044
46 NEUMANN, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1939Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594761285
47 NOVASZ, Susanna Navass Novasi  1896Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594761863
48 OLSEN, Earl Christian  3 Oct 1971Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762098
49 OLSEN, Peter  12 Mar 1928Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I7280
50 RISTEAU, Alvina  Bef 1910Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I30494

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, John (Johanne)  Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29429
2 FUNKE (FUNCK), Christina  Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I29430
3 KALISCH, William Henry Adolf  19 May 1986Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762810
4 OLSEN, Anna Rose  9 Jan 1969Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762097
5 SOMMERFIELD, Elsie L.  Apr 1992Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594762093

Military Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ, Herman  Between 1917 and 1918Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I17779
2 SIEWERT, Robert Charles  Between 1917 and 1918Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I594763525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HASSE, Edna Geneva  1930Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I12224
2 HASSE, Frederick William  1930Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I15557
3 SCHUELKE, Augusta Adeline  1930Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I14446
4 WEHOFER, Pal "Paul"  27 Oct 1993Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan I11113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 (KIMMITZ) KEMNITZ / SEIGER  7 Feb 1907Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F7293
2 BETHKE / ANDERSON  15 Jan 1882Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14265
3 DOMKE / HASSE  27 Jun 1936Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14009
4 HARTWIG / HASSE  10 Oct 1889Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14263
5 HASSE / KROUSE  1 Apr 1890Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F370
6 HASSE / SCHUELKE  22 May 1902Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F7440
7 KALISCH / KINDT  21 May 1882Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F4043
8 KEMNITZ / HASSE  30 Jun 1930Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F6148
9 MCKAY / HASSE  16 May 1941Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F920
10 OLSEN / HASSE  20 Dec 1900Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F369
11 RISTEAU / SCHUELKE  22 Oct 1895Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14266
12 SOMMERFIELD / HASSE  29 Apr 1886Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F368
13 SPITZER / SCHVARTZ  31 Oct 1931Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14352
14 STARK / SCHULKE  6 Aug 1929Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F536727684
15 WAGNER / SCHUELKE  25 Jul 1910Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan F14312