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Junction City, Geary, Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARESEL, Edna Marie  21 Jul 1929Junction City, Geary, Kansas I28794
2 BARESEL, Elaine Dorothy  14 Sep 1935Junction City, Geary, Kansas I669
3 BARESEL, Frederick Otto  20 Jan 1920Junction City, Geary, Kansas I25017
4 BARESEL, Gilbert Arthur  30 Mar 1923Junction City, Geary, Kansas I25572
5 BARESEL, Irene Mildred  5 Sep 1927Junction City, Geary, Kansas I27461
6 BARESEL, Robert Willard Sr  12 Aug 1932Junction City, Geary, Kansas I114
7 BARESEL, Walter Melvin  23 Feb 1925Junction City, Geary, Kansas I26794
8 BRIGGS, Brian E.   I594762163
9 BRIGGS, Glenn Robert   I30456
10 BRIGGS, Howard Wayne   I30458
11 BRIGGS, Melissa D.   I594762164
12 CARLSON, Anna Rosea  21 Nov 1894Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766888
13 CARLSON, Carl Eric  9 Feb 1898Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766890
14 CARLSON, Gertrude Cecilia  5 May 1905Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21562
15 CARLSON, Harold Walter  23 May 1901Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766891
16 CARNEY, Evelyn Marie  11 Dec 1933Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22128
17 CARNEY, Paul Jesse  18 Jan 1929Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21906
18 CARNEY, Theodore "Teddy" Monroe  14 Oct 1932Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22017
19 CLARK, Leona Mae  29 Jan 1922Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21740
20 HORNER, James Robert "Bob"   I1002
21 HORNER, Kretta Katherine  24 May 1924Junction City, Geary, Kansas I25899
22 HORNER, Leo Raymond  6 Dec 1925Junction City, Geary, Kansas I27414
23 HORNER, Marie Lulu  1928Junction City, Geary, Kansas I28241
24 JACOB, Louis Charles  29 Jan 1907Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594763544
25 KRAMER, Melvin Jesse  30 Sep 1927Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21962
26 OPPENLANDER, Ernest August  16 Feb 1884Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762833
27 OPPENLANDER, Grace Marcella  6 Nov 1913Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22284
28 SMALL, Norma Marie  9 Oct 1919Junction City, Geary, Kansas I3036
29 STEVENS, Lula Lillian  30 Dec 1898Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766895
30 STRAUSS, Arthur Otto  11 Mar 1915Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2969
31 STRAUSS, Carl Frederick  20 Apr 1882Junction City, Geary, Kansas I20467
32 STRAUSS, Cecelia Ruth  26 Oct 1941Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30436
33 STRAUSS, David Louis   I30461
34 STRAUSS, Emile Herman  16 Jul 1902Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21551
35 STRAUSS, Emile Herman Jr.  15 Oct 1930Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30434
36 STRAUSS, Emory Cecil  26 Jan 1934Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30435
37 STRAUSS, Martha Helene  28 Sep 1909Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2958
38 STRAUSS, Miriam Fay   I30449
39 STRAUSS, Ralph   I22406
40 STRAUSS, Richard   I22351
41 STRAUSS, Rosanna Augusta  17 May 1925Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21574
42 STRAUSS, Ruth Elaine   I22463
43 STRAUSS, William Otto  16 Nov 1925Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARESEL, William Otto Bernard  24 Jun 1953Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22684
2 BREMER, Leonard  8 Apr 2001Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30452
3 BRIGGS, Leland Robert  9 Apr 1966Junction City, Geary, Kansas I3025
4 BRIGGS, William Leland  14 Oct 2011Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30451
5 CALHOUN, Hannah Lavisa  5 Aug 1924Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762762
6 CARLSON, Axel William  15 Feb 1945Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762669
7 CARLSON, Gertrude Cecilia  2 Aug 1986Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21562
8 CLARK, Leona Mae  6 Feb 2007Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21740
9 DIEKMANN, MARTIN Frederick Christian  27 Oct 1933Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594764135
10 FINSTROM, Anna Sophia  4 Feb 1912Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762670
11 HARLOFF, Caroline  1955Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594770763
12 HORNER, Arthur Robert "Art"  16 Jul 2011Junction City, Geary, Kansas I28659
13 HORNER, George William  23 Dec 1934Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762761
14 KEMPH, Viola Millie  12 Sep 1978Junction City, Geary, Kansas I25887
15 KRAMER, Elmer William  19 Aug 1996Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21729
16 KRAMER, Joseph Adolph  6 May 1973Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2002
17 KRAMER, Maxine Ruth  23 Jul 2013Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22040
18 LAWRENZ, Auguste Wilhelmine  17 Oct 1963Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2224
19 OPPENLANDER, Grace Marcella  12 Oct 1989Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22284
20 SETTGAST, Marie Dorothea Elise  7 Jan 1926Junction City, Geary, Kansas I28744
21 SMALL, Norma Marie  19 Nov 1943Junction City, Geary, Kansas I3036
22 SMALL, Wilma  3 Sep 2008Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594770765
23 SPIERING, Blandina M.  30 Oct 2011Junction City, Geary, Kansas I3014
24 STECKEL, Anne E.  9 Feb 1932Junction City, Geary, Kansas I20462
25 STEVENS, Lula Lillian  13 May 1988Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766895
26 STRAUSS, Alfred E.  7 Sep 2001Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22295
27 STRAUSS, Alfred Ferdinand  7 May 1987Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22273
28 STRAUSS, Arthur Otto  14 Jun 2002Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2969
29 STRAUSS, Dorothea Augusta  3 Dec 1962Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2991
30 STRAUSS, Emile Herman Jr.  25 Oct 1930Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30434
31 STRAUSS, Emile Herman  17 Jul 1961Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21551
32 STRAUSS, Emory Cecil  15 Jul 2000Junction City, Geary, Kansas I30435
33 STRAUSS, Johann  12 Oct 1888Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762831
34 STRAUSS, John E.  10 May 1980Junction City, Geary, Kansas I20472
35 STRAUSS, Martha Helene  14 Jul 1973Junction City, Geary, Kansas I2958
36 STRAUSS, Rosanna Augusta  23 Jul 2011Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21574
37 UPHAM, Neal Willard  23 Feb 1970Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARESEL, William Otto Bernard  26 Jun 1953Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22684
2 CARLSON, Axel William  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762669
3 CARLSON, Carl Eric  1960Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766890
4 CARLSON, Harold Walter  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766891
5 CLARK, Glen Burtren  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594770856
6 DODD, Bertha May  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594770857
7 FINSTROM, Anna Sophia  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762670
8 HORNER, George William  1934Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594762761
9 KRAMER, Herbert Paul  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21718
10 KRAMER, Maxine Ruth  2013Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22040
11 SMALL, John Calvin  2005Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594770767
12 STRAUSS, Amanda Gertrude  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I1891
13 STRAUSS, Marie Pauline Anna  20 Jun 1956Junction City, Geary, Kansas I22573
14 STRAUSS, Rosanna Augusta  2011Junction City, Geary, Kansas I21574
15 UPHAM, Neal Willard  Junction City, Geary, Kansas I594766894

Alt. Burial

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Burial    Person ID 
1 STRAUSS, Gottfried (Godfried)  1880Junction City, Geary, Kansas I20453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CARNEY, Jesse Monroe  1930Junction City, Geary, Kansas I1113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRIGGS / ROSEY   F14252
2 CARLSON / FINSTROM  11 Nov 1893Junction City, Geary, Kansas F536727917
3 HETTENBACH / ROHLOFF  16 May 1933Junction City, Geary, Kansas F9785
4 HOYLE / STRAUSS  28 Mar 1952Junction City, Geary, Kansas F3
5 JACOB / STRAUSS  17 Jun 1876Junction City, Geary, Kansas F9757
6 STRAUSS / STECKEL  6 Jul 1881Junction City, Geary, Kansas F9759