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This site represents the personal ancestry of Jim and Lois Carney, who were born in California and Michigan, USA.  Jim made his first family tree in 1965 at age 10 and interviewed parents, grandparents and cousins some 58 years ago.  This passion for 'who we came from, where when and why'; which went from family bibles to charts to computers, wall dioramas with ancestry charts covering 20 feet of wall.  Now days, we have computer programs and websites to keep it all in order for the 41,000 people in our ancestry.

Since then, we have traveled the globe from Europe to the Middle East, from Africa to India, from Asia to Australia and South America and of course, all over North America. We have continued the desire to discover new lands and we have headed "west", and are now living in Buderim, Queensland, Australia after migrating to Australia in 1984.  We still travel quite a bit and run several businesses, but we have now retired from running our avocado and macadamia orchards.

Jim's ancestry is documented back through 1,000's of years and if our ancestry paths and yours should cross, please let me know so we can exchange information. Like many who research genealogy, Lois' ancestry is limited to a shorter time frame with stubborn roadblocks.

My 58 years of research work represents 10's of thousands of hours of personal research and a compilation of evidence uncovered which point to the most likely consensus of opinion and facts which strongly indicate the family genealogy presented. Our pasts contain the good, the bad and the unusual. From common, hardworking and family orientated individuals of little or great renown and heroic in many ways - to evil and mischievous connivers who killed parents, brothers, sisters and any one else in their way - to jockey for Royal position, or passion, revenge or wealth.

With over 800 direct ancestors requiring several hours of work to validate each person, and then thousands of cousins, there are many, many stories to tell and lessons to be learned, both historically and personally. I have traveled the world and walked on the same ground as many of my ancestors from the U.S., Ireland, Germany, Scotland, France, Italy and much, much more.  Talking to genealogy centres, relatives far flung, and searching public records, newspapers and historical briefs to give the best picture I can make available.

Don't be shy if you think I can help you fill in some blanks - shoot me an email or search this database, as I'm happy to help my cousins.

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feature 2 Carney Family Coat of Arms The Carney Family Blazon of Arms, translation, crest, and motto "Sustine et abstine".

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.  Please specify a link or name and birth-date in any enquiries for persons.

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I wish to acknowledge a lot of other people, too numerous to mention who have also put some very serious work into painstakingly researching and documenting the information contained herein and I wish to thank all of them, living and now mostly past, for the hard work and dedication they have put into making this possible.

As always, our ancestry is a living and changing book, and I will continue to add chapters and names as information becomes available.

Does my genealogy go back to Adam and Eve?
Records you will find which link back to Adam are constructs of religious entities which had to fill in the blanks and make many assumptions.

However, I have used the research of Royal Genealogist which do have very good records - because the royal bloodlines are very important to keep straight to make sure a ringer doesn't slip in.